i am but one miniscule speck in the universe.

When one begins an investigation into the universe *, one finds it to be a very vast place**. A study of creativity and how the brain*** and spirit functions to create complex thought, artistic creations and understands this universe in which we live can be a life-long pursuit. And finding one's place within this universe and one's purpose for his or her life can be a daunting task.

As my life unfolded I've become involved with so many arts that I am unsure how to label myself. Woodworking was the foundation of my trades, thus the name "Xulinos" which is Greek, from the New Testament Bible, and means "made of wood".

The restoration of historic architecture has been a significant part of my adult life . But, having been influenced by a classically trained artist at a very early age, painting and drawing also became a passion for me. At that same time, music moved into the realm of my life, having played trumpet and piano when I was young .

So, I have been unable to decide what medium really reflects my direction, my path, my medium. And I have accepted multiple crafts, passions, arts as my creative calling...

Although I feel I have had no true mentors, many people have influenced my life; some maybe without even knowing. To all those who have given me the gift of inspiration I sincerely express my gratitude and acknowledge their presence in my life, even after they have left this earth.

Thank you!


blessings to all,


david b. raymer


*Investigate the Age of the Universe
**Investigate the Size of the Universe
***Creativity and How the Brain Functions